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jen hilborne

Karen, what research was involved in patric's character and his challenges as a blind man? I read your first chapter and lovedit. Did you spend any time with the blind while you wrote this? It's meaningful to me as my grandfather was blind, and my third novel contains a character who is blind.

Karen Syed

Actually, most of my research waas done on the medical aspects and not so much the personal aspect. I know it's not the same, but I spent quite a bit of time with a blindfold on trying to get some kind of a feel for it.

I can tell you it was very creepy ot being able to see things and hearing things around me and not knowing what they were.

I am diabetic and do have a little trouble with my eyes and Macular Degeneration is prevalant in our family so I do worry about it.


Jen Hilborne

How interesting. I've done something similar for my blind character and sat with my eyes closed, listening, trying to figure out how I would cope or get around, how I would spend my time. My blind character has a job, like my grandfather did. Writing a character with a challenge like this sure makes me appreciate what I have.

Jon Gibbs

It's both good and a ittle bit sad to hear you put your Echelon Press authors before your own work.

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