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Ah child abuse...is it romantic? I don't know. I'm old and bitter so when we get to the "Emerald eyes part" I get lost.

If you remove that line and then delete the last part ..."on his leg. And his heart. It’s why he’s kept everyone at arm’s length all these years. The abuse lasted for the rest of his time at home." then, I know reading it, I, the reader, will assume what you've written without it being stated and feel more invested in him without even realizing I am.

Then, I'll come back to check up on how he is as long as he doesn't get to "victimy." Especially if he stays open emotionally, but isn't perfect or drone on about the abuse.

In fact, I feel a little that way now. How is he doing? :)

Liz Borino

Today he's doing great. In a happy relationship. Rose above the abuse

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