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It was really interesting to hear their father's point of view. It's one thing to hear you describe him and quite another to read "his own" words. I will tell you, though, it makes him seem less like a monster and more like a human being that was shaped into an intolerant, insensitive, overbearing, tyrant by many experiences over many years. I still despise him, don't get me wrong, but I'm just a little more fascinated by him now. Thanks for posting!

By the way, I think EXPECTATIONS is the perfect title; it's simple and says everything it needs to say.

Liz Borino

I don't believe ANYONE starts out as a monster. That might just be my sunshine view of humanity though.The villain is often the most interesting character. The psychology of a person who snaps is often not that much different from mine and yours.

Thanks for reading!


Liz, I completely agree with you on that one with one exception...they're still jerks hahaha! Sorry, I'm being facetious.

This one is excellent.

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