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Sue London

I think that Matt believes he is right, but of course it is a jaded and narrow view - which tells us something about his character.

Liz Borino

Matt is a very interesting character and he takes his father much more seriously than Chris does. Could be both good and bad. Thanks for the feedback!


Matt thinks as a child, a spoiled child. He thinks that trying to live up to his father's expectations is stressful, because he hasn't yet learned what true difficulty and hardship in life is. At some point, he needs to be exposed to someone who has.


Matt's feelings are completely justified given his own experiences. But it is not only wealthy parents who have a picture of what they expect their kids to be; it is virtually ALL parents. All HEALTHY parents want their kids to be the best they can be. I don't think there is anything wrong with encouraging your kids and giving them a loving push to reach their potential. Of course, it is critical for parents to understand that the goals they set for their kids and their kids' OWN goals may not match. In this case (and it is most often the case), it is important for parents to support their kids in whatever will make them happy, as their happiness should be the priority at the end of the day. And no, kids can never live up to their parents' mental picture. I think it's perfectly acceptable and normal for parents to want nothing but the best for and from their kids. High standards for someone or something generally means you care deeply about that someone or something. As long as parents recognize that their kids will never actually live up to perfection (a theoretical, unrealistic concept) and will most likely have different standards for THEMSELVES, life will be okay.

Liz Borino

Jeremy- Thanks for your input. I now know that I need to make the stakes clearer in the post. I hope you come back and read some more.

Francesca- Very insightful comment.Whatever push kids receive from their parents should be with the kids wants and needs in mind and not the parent's idea.

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